Top Photographer Synopsis

In the first episode, 5 photographers faced off to try and capture the best picture they could of Miles Chamley Watson, a US Olympic fencer. They focused on action photography.  The whole point of the project was to capture the essence of his athleticism and his personality in only 30 minutes. They photographers had 2 2different cameras to shoot from, the Canon EOS IDX Mark II and the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV . Out of all the photographers, my favorite was Roxy because she introduced herself to Miles unlike the other photographers that came in before her and she stayed on track on what she needed to capture. I also liked her picture the most out of all the others and her picture ended up being chosen as the best one. At the end they had to send 1 photographer home so only 4 remained. In the second episode, they focus on fashion photography. The photographers had to shoot a Pamella Roland advertisement campaign. They got to choose from the Canon EOS 5DS, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, and they got a choice from prime lens’s from Canon’s L series. They got to chose a model and a dress to photograph. They also got to tell the hairdressers and makeup artists how they wanted their hair and makeup to be done so Roxy had an advantage because the boys didn’t know too much about makeup and how they wanted it. This time I liked Jamiya’s, Scott’s, and Roxy’s, but Roxy’s background was a little too distracting from the dress. Jamiya ended up winning the contest this round and even though Roxy had a distracting background she didn’t get sent home. I think photographers have a tough job and I respect them for being able to take such amazing pictures that capture emotions, personality, and so much more in just one photo.

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