Conceptual Self Portrait Explained

The definition of conceptual is something having to do with the mind, or with mental concepts or philosophical or imaginary ideas. In this case, conceptual is when you get random objects to come together for a bigger meaning. In my photo, the biggest object is my adidas track jacket. I chose to include my track jack because adidas is one of the only brands I wear, and I want to be sponsored by them some day and maybe even become a model for adidas. That track jacket is also one of my favorites out of all the ones I have because it goes with almost anything. The next item that’s in the picture is the Sasuke Uchiha sticker on the left side of the jacket. I chose to put that sticker of Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden because I love to watch Naruto and anyone that knows me knows that Sasuke is one of my favorite characters from Naruto so of course I had to put that one in. The next sticker is on the bottom right of my jacket, a sticker of Kakashi Sensei, my favorite character from Naruto. My favorite sticker in this picture is the Kakashi one no doubt about it, which is also why I included it in my self-portrait because I love watching Naruto so much that its apart of my lifestyle now. The next things in the picture are the pom poms. I have my pom poms from when I was in cheer in middle school because I am a cheerleader again this year and I’m very excited about it. This item also goes with the cheer bow. So basically, these objects represent my girly side unlike my other objects did.  Last but not least, I put my pair of black continental 80 shoes. I put these in my self portrait because they’re one of my go to shoes that I wear all the time and I love them so much ! 

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